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    • 2021/5/5 Amazon Operation Director/Team leader 關閉

      Job responsibilities:

      1. Responsible for daily operation management and overall planning of Amazon online store.

      2. Responsible for product description plan,product release, integraterelevant resources,makebrand promotion plan and promotion activities.

      3. Participate in the formulation and implementation of marketing strategies such as product demand, brand building, network promotion and promotion plan.

      4. Review new products on shelves, and optimize marketing management.

      5. Timely grasp the information of the platform and competitors, analyze sales data, develop reasonable sales strategies and improve performance.

      6. Improve various policies and systems of the store, maintain thefavorablerate and credibility of the store, conduct sales analysis, summarize sales data and make sales work reports according to the sales details.

      7. Made sales plans on Amazon platform, arranged sales strategies, and ensured the completion of monthly sales growth tasks.

      1.More than 2 years of Amazon operation experience, and 1 year or more of Amazon team management experience.

      2.College degree or above, CET-4 or above.

      3.Familiar with the use of Amazon's third-party tools, it is better to be able to use the Tongtu system, and be familiar with the sales skills and methods of Amazon platform products.

      4.Familiar with Amazon policies and regulations, can properly resolve various disputes that may arise, and safeguard the company's interests to the greatest extent.

      5.Flexible and logical thinking, good communication skills and teamwork skills, strong sense of responsibility, able to complete tasks independently.

      6.Ability to work under pressure,capable and insightful.

    • 2021/5/5 Amazon Operation Specialist 關閉

      Job responsibilities:

      1. Responsible for the operation, maintenance and management of Amazon site, and put the products on the shelf.

      2. According to product sales and ranking changes, timely formulate and adjust sales strategies and promotion plans, and do a good job of data analysis.

      3. Analyze the situation of competitors, grasp market trends and changes, and make the available plans for improvement.

      4. Responsible for Amazon account security management, avoiding various security issues, etc.

      5. FBA inventory management, analyze inventory data, make stock plans, Maintain good stock turnover rate,and control the out-of-stock rate.

      6. Assist the superior to achieve the sales target set by the team.


      1.English CET 4 or above, college degree or above.

      2.Understand the policies and regulations of Amazon, and more than one year operating experience in Amazon platform.

      3.Proactive, careful and responsible in work, strong executive and learning ability, good team spirit, professional dedication and communication skills.

    • 2021/5/5 Amazon Product Developer 關閉

      Job responsibilities:

      1. At least 2 years of experience in Amazon product development and purchasing experience, and understanding of Amazon policies and regulations.

      2. Make product planning directions according to the company and market conditions, and take charge of the development of new products at Amazon sites.

      3.Understand the market development trend, pay attention to the market dynamics, analyze the product prospects, develop potential high-quality products, do a good job in price control and profit maintenance.

      4.Skilled in using third-party tools to analyze product data on Amazon platform, and making detailed research reports for each product.

      5.Propose ideas for product development, and conduct product data analysis and research together with operation personnel.Lead the analysis of the product's selling points and refine.

      6.Seek suppliers and conduct regular supplier evaluation, monitor supply chain delivery time and quality.


      1. CET 4 or above, college degree or above.

      2. At least 2 years experience in E-commerce product development and management, furniture, home furnishing, clothing, toy industries are preferred.

      3.Familiar with the whole industrial chain, such as market, product development and design, industrial belt, suppliers, etc.

      4. Able to analyze and develop products through tools, sensitive to market trends, strong market insight, flexible and logical thinking, master negotiation skills, and obtain competitive prices.

      5. Able to grasp product positioning independently, good at data analysis, evaluation, summary and adjustment, with development initiative.

      6. Good working attitude, team spirit, strong communication skills, honest and trustworthy, hard-working;Work conscientiously and responsibly with strong sense of responsibility and initiative.

    • 2021/5/5 Amazon Trainees 關閉

      Job responsibilities:

      1. Editing products, uploading products and following up orders.

      2. Responsible for assisting the store manager to manage the company's Amazon account.

      3. Maintained and optimized listing page to ensure account security and improve account quality.

      4. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.


      1. Bachelor degree or above, CET4 or above.

      2. Be careful, cheerful, and have strong ability to work under pressure.

      3. Learn actively.

    • 2021/5/5 Furniture Foreign Trade Salesman 關閉

      Job responsibilities:
      1. Use Alibaba International Station, exhibitions, social media and other channels to develop customers.
      2. Negotiate with customers on products and quotations, and finally promote orders.
      3. Handle customer inquiries on Alibaba International Station in a timely manner.

      4. Track order related work.
      5. Manage and maintain customer relationships.


      1. Excellent listening and speaking skills in English.
      2. Be patient and careful, quick thinking.
      3. Experience in foreign trade business of civilian furniture is preferred.
      4. Accept outstanding fresh graduates.

    • 2021/5/5 天貓店長 關閉









    • 2021/5/5 天貓推廣 關閉











    • 2021/5/5 運營助理 關閉











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